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Construction of industrial boiler houses

The Mig-Plus company provides services for the construction of various types of industrial boiler houses. Among our clients are customers from Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as the neighboring regions - Kaluga, Ryazan, Tula. Professional construction of a boiler house in compliance with current standards, taking into account the characteristics of the enterprise and customer requirements is a guarantee of the smooth operation of any industrial facility.


Read more in Sergei Kirillin's article in the magazine "Technologies of Intellectual Construction."
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Package of services

We undertake the implementation of all stages of the construction of the boiler house - from the development of design and technical documentation to the organization of production processes. Our employees:

  • develop a feasibility study and terms of reference for construction;
  • they will help to obtain technical specifications and draw up the terms of reference for design estimates;
  • ensure the supply of basic equipment for the boiler room, as well as additional units and parts;
  • perform all necessary construction and installation works;
  • execute executive documentation;
  • carry out commissioning and operational tests;
  • they will commission the industrial boiler house.

After completion of the construction and commissioning of the boiler house, we carry out maintenance in accordance with the conditions specified in the contract.

What boilers we build and how we work

At Mig-Plus, you can order the construction of various types of industrial boiler houses, which differ in:

  • type of energy carrier (liquid / solid fuel, gas, electricity, combined);
  • type of heat carrier (steam, water, diathermic oil, combined);
  • type of placement (stationary and block-modular);
  • level of automation (automated, mechanized).

Before starting work with the customer, an agreement is concluded that sets out the conditions of cooperation, stages and terms of work, and to which an estimate is attached. After the bilateral signing of the contract, our craftsmen begin construction.

1 year warranty or 5 years

Warranty on boiler is one year. If something breaks, need to be fixed or replaced. At the conclusion of the maintenance contract warranty is five years.

Our advantages

We have more than 150 heat supply facilities for maintenance.
Experienced engineers with the necessary access, certificates and relevant qualifications.
Turnkey work - from approval to the commissioning of the boiler house.
Free consultation and accurate calculation of the cost of an industrial boiler house with costing.
Comprehensive maintenance, current and emergency repair of equipment.

Cost of industrial boiler houses

Power MW Price of a boiler room at 2 boilers Price of a boiler room at 3 boilers
0,50 from 4 919 480 ₽ 0 ₽
1,00 from 4 919 480 ₽ from 7 708 466 ₽
2,00 from 5 466 000 ₽ from 9 662 807 ₽
2,50 from 6 299 570 ₽ from 11 693 670 ₽
3,00 from 7 559 480 ₽ from 13 461 327 ₽
3,50 from 18 118 700 ₽ from 16 142 972 ₽

How to order

To get advice from an employee of the Mig-Plus company, as well as leave a request for the construction of a boiler room, call us at 8 (495) 668-70-48. You can calculate the estimated cost of the boiler room using the calculator on our website.

To calculate the exact cost and consult a client, a company representative visits the facility for free. We are waiting for your calls and are ready to take your application to work!


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