Строительство и монтаж дизельных котельных в Москве и Московской области – Миг-Плюс

Construction and installation of diesel boiler houses

The Mig-Plus company carries out a full cycle of work on the construction and installation of diesel boiler houses. The production base and the experience of our specialists make it possible to carry out complex projects as soon as possible.


Read more in Sergei Kirillin's article in the magazine "Technologies of Intellectual Construction."
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Advantages of construction and installation of the boiler house in "mig-plus"

We manufacture constructions of modular boiler houses of our own design and manufacture blanks in blocks at our base, equipped with modern equipment.
We use our equipment for the installation and construction of boiler houses stands for the manufacture and inspection of automation cabinets.
We supply modules throughout the Russian Federation.
At all stages of construction, we carry out quality control of work, we maintain constant contact with the client on quality issues.
Our staff employs employees with more than 10 years of experience, trained in Russia and abroad.
If several companies are working on a project, various overlays are inevitable. By independently performing the entire cycle of work, the Mig-Plus company minimizes the risks of the customer.

Stages of construction of the boiler house and related services

The specialists of the Mig-Plus company perform turnkey work: from the development of project documentation to commissioning and after-sales service. Quickly and efficiently:

  • we will prepare all the necessary input data (volumes of thermal energy consumed by the facility, operating conditions, the nature of the room for which the diesel boiler house is intended, etc.);
  • we will prepare technical specifications and conduct the necessary surveys in the place;
  • we will design external engineering networks and the boiler house itself, taking into account current standards and your wishes;
  • if necessary, we will coordinate the project in all necessary instances;
  • we will offer optimal models of equipment from various manufacturers, provide a complete set and supply of boiler equipment, additional components and units;
  • we will build and install a boiler house, fuel economy;
  • draw up technical documentation;
  • we will carry out all adjustment work and tests;
  • we will hand over the boiler house to the customer;
  • we carry out service and warranty service of the boiler house.

We also offer customized solutions to reduce heating costs and increase energy efficiency of boiler equipment.

1 year warranty or 5 years

Warranty on boiler is one year. If something breaks, need to be fixed or
 replaced. At the conclusion of the maintenance contract warranty is five years.

Why choose us

Full cycle
We carry out a full cycle of construction and installation work on our own.
Qualified employees
The company has more than 50 qualified employees. Passed training abroad and in Russia. Work experience of each engineer for at least 10 years.
Self regulating organization (sro)
Availability of the necessary SRO approvals for design, construction, installation and commissioning.
Turnkey works
We carry out turnkey projects: from the development of technical specifications to the after-sales service of the already constructed boiler house. You get all the work from one source.
Work quickly
The accelerated construction time of boiler houses through the use of blocks of our own design - installation of BMK from 14 days.
Work all over the country
We supply boiler houses throughout the country (or provide you with heat, in any corner of our country). Assembly takes place on our own production base, then delivery to any regions of Russia.
Powerful resources
The company's resources allow the installation of several boiler houses in parallels

The cost of a diesel boiler-houses

Capacity MW The price of the boiler house with 2 boilers The price of the boiler house with 3 boilers
0,50 from 4 919 480 ₽ 0 ₽
1,00 from 4 919 480 ₽ from 6 992 284 ₽
2,00 from 5 466 000 ₽ from 8 741 519 ₽
2,50 from 6 299 570 ₽ from 10 368 632 ₽
3,00 from 7 559 480 ₽ from 12 660 487 ₽
3,50 from 18 118 700 ₽ from 14 848 131 ₽

Varieties of boiler houses

We design, build and assemble diesel boiler rooms of various types: industrial and domestic; stationary, modular and block-modular.

Mig-Plus has been providing its services to customers from Moscow, the Moscow Region and other regions of the Russian Federation for more than 20 years. We save time and material resources of our customers by offering our services on the most favorable terms

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