Ремонт котельных и котельного оборудования в Москве и Московской области – Миг-Плюс

Repair of boiler
houses and
boiler equipment

Mig-Plus Company performs repair and restoration of boiler houses and boiler equipment. We carry out major repairs of installations, as well as ongoing works within the framework of the service contract.

Services of qualified specialists "mig-plus"

Repair of gas boiler houses and other heating equipment cannot be postponed, as problems in this kind of equipment are a threat to the life and health of consumers. Employees of our company professionally and promptly:

  • Perform planned overhaul of boiler equipment;
  • Eliminate breakdowns and clogs of burner devices, automatics, other components and mechanisms;
  • Will study technical passports and instructions, forms, technological diagrams, repair logs, etc., will reveal possibilities of modernization and will make a corresponding proposal.

Prior to the beginning of the works we carry out detailed training:

  • Carry out internal (if possible) and external inspection of boiler and pipelines;
  • Check the pipe diameters of the chimney with the design dimensions;
  • Draw up a list with recording of defects and breakdowns, as well as a phased schedule of works;
  • We prepare tools, consumables, spare parts, etc.

Mig-Plus also takes boiler houses on a full outscores, solving not only technical, but also organizational and legal problems.
We have been working in the field of construction, installation, maintenance and repair of heating systems since 1997. Mig-Plus has proven itself as a company with enormous experience and affordable prices.

Repair of boiler and boiler equipment with mig-plus is:

Cooperation in compliance with the legislation

Contract for maintenance of boiler house for 1 year guarantees regular control of uninterrupted operation of plants, performance of all maintenance works their working capacity
The agreed schedule works on Technical Service

Certainly extending the service life of boiler equipment; boiler houses which are on constant service, In case of breakage are repaired in priority and free of charge, as soon as possible
Vigilance of emergency and dispatching service

In case of an accident our employees will stay at the site within 2 hours; monitoring is carried out round the clock
Lack of "single" departures

Our production base allows us to leave to call at once with the necessary spare parts

Maintenance of all types of boiler houses

We provide scheduled capital repairs and maintenance services for boiler plants of any type, built not only by us, but also by other contractors. Today we monitor the operation of more than 150 heat power facilities, including industrial enterprises, sports and educational institutions, shopping centers, warehouses in Moscow, the Moscow region and the nearest regions.

Техническое обслуживание котельных Миг-Плюс

Our specialists

Work experience of each engineer is
at least 10 years in the power system
Technical specialists pass annual
training in Russia and abroad

Operation of boiler houses

In addition to the service contract, Mig-Plus company offers boiler house maintenance services. This service implies the complete transfer of the customer boiler house to us for outsourcing. As part of the operation, we solve not only technical problems, but also organizational and legal ones. All responsibility also falls entirely on us.

Regular maintenance allows

  • To ensure uninterrupted operation of equipment
  • To increase boiler efficiency
  • To reduce fuel consumption and repair costs
  • To extend the life of expensive equipment
  • To secure the boiler house in case of emergency

Service prices

Maintenance Cost
Boiler room with power up to 600 kW from 23 600 ru*
Boiler room with a capacity of 600 kW– 1.2 MW from 29 560 ru*
Boiler room with capacity from 1.2 MW - 3.0 MW from 35 400 ru*
Boiler room from 3.0 MW – 6.0 MW from 47 200 ru*
Boiler room with capacity from 6.0 MW – 10.0 MW from 59 000 ru*
Maintenance of furnaces, gas metering stations, pumping equipment, heaters, boilers and thermal power plants on any coolant (air, water, steam, diathermic oil) on request on request
*Includes: maintenance of the external / internal gas pipeline of the boiler house from the tap at the inlet to the cranes at the lowering to the burners, maintenance of the automatic gas control system SAKZ, maintenance of a commercial gas metering unit, maintenance of 2 hot water boilers, maintenance of gas burners with a gas ramp, maintenance of safety automatics and regulation of boilers (2 sets), safety automatics and automatics of boiler control (1 set), maintenance of thermo mechanical equipment of a boiler house, including pumping equipment, heat exchangers, expansion tanks, shut-off, control arm tour, instrumentation, the installation of the boiler chemical water treatment.

How to order

Coordinate the departure of a specialist for volume calculations, power cost
Boiler Service - Min Plus Emergency Service
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We also provide related services

  • Repair and restoration of boiler houses and boiler equipment
  • Carrying out commissioning works at boiler plants
  • Consultation on paperwork, interaction with regulatory organizations
  • Commissioning of heat power facilities, gas pipelines and gas-using equipment
  • Design and installation of process automation systems
  • Design and installation of dispatch systems for objects of any complexity
  • Customer training at the workplace
  • Design and installation of commercial gas metering units


The emergency service is available 24/7, immediately after signing the contract.
8 (4967) 35-40-86
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