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Installation of boiler houses

The Mig-Plus company offers installation of boiler houses, processing equipment and gas pipelines in the territory of Central and Western Russia.

We have been working for more than 20 years, over the years unique technological solutions have been developed that are today offered to our customers. Our boiler houses built many years ago work as stably and economically as modern boiler houses thanks to a well-thought-out design and optimally used element base.

Understanding the problems and issues facing our customers, the company offers optimal technical solutions that will help to fully carry out installation within the existing budget.

We talk about unique developments in the field of construction and installation of boiler rooms

Types of mounted boiler houses

The Mig-Plus company provides installation services for the most popular types of boiler houses:
  • electric
  • gas
  • diesel powered
  • combined
  • steam
  • water
  • on diathermic oil
  • combined
  • block modular
  • stationary
Also the Mig-Plus company performs automated control station installation, technological lines various types industrial gas equipment (ovens, heaters, etc.)

Mounting of turnkey boiler houses

As part of the provision of turnkey boiler plant installation services, Mig-Plus company carries out the whole range of works - from the preparation of technical specifications, obtaining the package of necessary permits, including the supply and installation of equipment to the facility, to commissioning and commissioning of the boiler house in work.
In full, the process usually includes the following steps:
Clarification of the tasks facing the customer, determination of the budget
Selection of equipment, price coordination, preparation of payment schedule
Formation of a roadmap necessary approvals, separation of responsibilities, preparation of a schedule of work
Drawing up technical specifications, design contract, start of design work
Purchase of basic equipment and components according to the design decision
Assembly of blocks at own production base with the simultaneous construction of a building under boiler house at the Customer’s site (from two weeks)
Transportation of finished modules to the site Customer, assembly in a constructed building, or delivery of a modular boiler house
Final assembly at the customer site
Carrying out commissioning
Boiler house commissioning in accordance with applicable regulations and putting it to work
The total duration from the beginning of the purchase of equipment to the launch of the boiler house, depending on the capacity is from 2.5 weeks (500 kW) to 12-14 weeks (6 MW).

Cost of gas boiler houses

Type of work Cost
Design of a boiler house from 50 000 rub
Turnkey gas boiler house (0.5 MW) from 5 466 000 rub
Turnkey gas boiler house (1 MW) from 6 299 570 rub
Turnkey gas boiler house (3 MW) from 7 559 480 rub
Turnkey gas boiler house (5 MW) from 18 118 700 rub


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Our advantages

Mig-plus optimizes assembly technology
(In parallel, works are carried out on the boiler house and on the production site), allowing for installation within 14 days
Blocks of own development
The Mig-Plus company offers its customers blocks of its own design for block-modular boiler rooms
5 years guarantees
The Mig-Plus company provides an extended up to 5 years warranty for the built boiler house upon conclusion of a maintenance contract
Mig-Plus LLC cooperates with a large number of manufacturers and offers its customers a wide selection of brands for the optimal solution for any budget
Mig-Plus employees in their work use a process approach in organizing construction and paperwork. This allows you to control deadlines, predict intermediate stages and make changes if necessary.
One of its main tasks of Mig-Plus is a reduction in the cost of operating the boiler house in various ways, including through the development of remote monitoring systems for engineering systems of the boiler house using freely programmable controllers
Mig-Plus is fully equipped for operational production with its own design department, procurement department, assembly teams are formed and a service center with 24-hour customer support is working. Each employee of the company, in accordance with the schedule, periodically improves their qualifications in their work area.
The experience gained during the construction and maintenance of more than 200 heat supply facilities at Mig-Plus has been preserved, identified key solutions and optimal work schemes, and now we can offer our customers the most effective solutions to their challenges in the field of power engineering.

Contact us by number to get answers to your questions or leave a request for installation of a boiler house

+7 (4967) 35-40-86

With our managers, you can check the estimated cost of the work and the installation time.
The final prices and terms will be announced by our employee after a free visit to your facility and assessment of the scope of upcoming work.

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