Модернизация и реконструкция котельных в Москве и области – Миг-Плюс

Boiler modernization and reconstruction

Specialists of the Mig-Plus company carry out modernization and reconstruction of boiler houses. We work quickly and professionally, guided by the requirements for the selection of main and auxiliary equipment for your facility. Choosing Mig-Plus, you increase the reliability and energy efficiency of your heat supply system.

Our optimization services

Modernization and reconstruction of boiler houses is an increase in the efficiency of the system by completely or partially replacing the equipment with a more modern and improved one, as well as the transfer of boilers to burning other types of fuel or from one mode to another (for example, from steam to hot water), etc. The Mig-Plus company carries out phased work in this direction:
  • after receiving the customer’s application, we work out the technical specifications for the reconstruction or modernization of the boiler house, collect and prepare the necessary data;
  • conclude a contract with the client for the relevant work;
  • we develop all design documents, go through the necessary examinations and approvals;
  • we carry out the dismantling of worn-out equipment, prepare the platform for the installation of a new one;
  • we deliver the necessary materials and components to the facility;
  • we carry out installation work on the modernization and reconstruction of the boiler houses;
  • we prepare and test equipment;
  • in fact and documented, we put the system into operation and transfer it to the client.

The technically re-equipped boiler house operates efficiently and safely even without the constant presence of maintenance personnel.

As a result of installing a modern monitoring system, you can get a comprehensive metering of energy resources (electricity, gas, water, heat production) to evaluate the efficiency of the boiler house in real time.

Warranty 1 year or 5 years

The boiler house warranty is one year. If something breaks, repair it or replace. When concluding a maintenance contract Warranty - five years.

Technical re-equipment of boiler houses

The offer of the Mig-Plus company is relevant for owners of boiler houses with a service life of more than 15 years, where technically obsolete equipment is used, which leads to large energy costs, with a low coefficient of productivity. We carry out efficient, most cost-effective modernization of obsolete equipment, which will reduce the cost of its operation, while ensuring high energy efficiency.

Our boiler re-equipment services include:

  • Technical re-equipment of any boiler equipment, subject to the economic benefits of upcoming events. Sometimes, it is more profitable to replace equipment or its individual elements than to invest in the restoration and permanent repair of units that have served for 20 or 25 years.
  • Absolute modernization of equipment installed in boiler houses, which guarantees an increase in capacity, and as a result of the productivity of its work.
  • We replace any devices, including automation, with innovative models that demonstrate more advanced characteristics.
  • We will restore worn-out boiler houses, or offer a profitable option in modern design, at the most affordable prices for customers.

Mig-plus company is:

Consultations and operational technical assistance at every stage
52 employees with work experience of 10 years and qualifications confirmed by diplomas and certificates
Cost-effective and safe design solutions
Modern controllers, systems for wireless transmission and reception of information, resource metering nodes, etc.
Over 20 years of experience in the field of heat power engineering
Quality of work and warranty

Boiler houses subject to technical re-equipment

Usually, modernization work is carried out on the basis of old stationary boiler houses, with worn out, outdated equipment. Mig-Plus specialists are modernizing, among other things, modular units.
The company is reconstructing steam and hot water industrial boilers, heat generators, production lines with the transfer to the use of available fuel in a particular area.
Mig-Plus is an enterprise that has implemented dozens of construction and reconstruction projects in Moscow, the Moscow Region and neighboring regions of Russia. We offer proven technical solutions.


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