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Operation of turnkey boiler houses

transfer responsibility to professionals

Do you own a boiler house, but are not sure if you are doing everything right?
Are all reports filled out, will all checks pass?
Want to forget about its contents and work quietly?
Mig-Plus company is ready to help you with this.
Outsource the operation of the boiler house, and we will take care of all issues related to it.

Stop being afraid of checks and fines!

Outsource the boiler house and we will take over all related issues.
Rostekhnadzor will not come to you with verification and fines - all responsibility will fall on our company.
We will fill out the reports ourselves, hand them over, and train the staff in time and report to the reviewers.
Even if we make a mistake, we will answer for it ourselves and cover all costs.

Advantages of outsourcing
operation of boiler houses


Outsourcing is cheaper than independent operation. You don’t need to spend money and time for staff selection and training, creation of infrastructure, performance license requirements


The qualified service and prevention extend the period services of the equipment.


You don’t have to urgently repair breakdowns. Professionals can predict faults and to combat them in a timely manner.


Забудьте о проверках и штрафах. Опасный
производственный объект будет зарегистрирован
на нашу организацию, а значит и общаться
с инспекторами Ростехнадзора будем мы.

To hand over the HPF (hazardous production facility) to us,
we conclude legally secure fixed-value contract

this time does not change the value. At the same time you can forget about the boiler house
- It will work properly and provide continuous heat to the enterprise.
You will be able to focus on your own business and improve profitability.

The cost of Mig-Plus services starts from 130 thousand rubles per month.
To get started, order a call or a specialist consultation.

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