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Dispatching system and
remote boiler monitoring

Mig-Plus specialists can offer you implementation
or technical improvement of the system
dispatching of boiler house and process lines

Complete control

Dispatching is one of the main requirements for safe operation of automated boiler rooms.

By installing the dispatching system, you will be provided with:

  • accounting of consumption of energy resources,
  • Coordinated operation of all boiler house systems,
  • Instant notification of emergency situation by means of audio signal and SMS-notification, with simultaneous marking on the screen of emergency object monitor.

If remote monitoring is used, there is no need for a permanent presence on site.

Our prices

We offer a package of services to choose from. By contacting our specialists, you will be able to find the best option that suits you.

You can purchase the initial package and scale it if necessary, such as adding new sensors or changing the operating algorithm. You can also connect GSM-dispatching, get control over the Internet, form a full SCADA system.

Minimum price of a package - from 59,000 ?

Functional features Minimum
from 59 000 ₽
Minimum +
from 80 000 ₽
from 306 000 ₽
from 370 000 ₽
Total number of staff
/ contingencies
8 6 25 36
temperature measurement no yes (2) yes (11) yes (14)
pressure measurement no yes (2) yes (9) yes (12)
touch panel (mimic output,
event log, etc.)
no no yes yes
output to dispatch monitor on request yes yes yes
light / sound alarm yes yes yes yes
executive control
(Pumps, valves, etc.)
on request on request on request on request
management of additional
parameters (temperature, pressure, events)
yes yes no no
Communication channel setup (local area network,
GSM Internet)
on request on request on request on request


What tasks does
dispatch system?

A dispatching system is the display on a computer or telephone of schematic information about the state of industrial equipment using color and audio signals in emergency situations.

Using remote boiler house monitoring, you anywhere in the world from any device with internet access will know about:

  • Energy consumption (water, electricity, heat, fuel);
  • Power cut-off in boiler house;
  • Unauthorized access to the facility;
  • Emergency shutdown of boiler house equipment;
  • smoke or fire;
  • Temperature drop in boiler house.

Remote monitoring also allows remote control of boiler equipment using a mobile application:

  • to carry out switchings of pumps;
  • Start and stop the boiler operation;
  • Query and change the current temperature and pressure parameters;
  • View the alarm log and equipment schedule for statistics and analysis.

A modern solution for continuous monitoring of the technological equipment operation at a distance


Reduces operating costs


Confidence in the quality and uninterrupted operation of the equipment in accordance with the operating conditions allows you to increase the reliability of the boiler house and independence from the "human factor".


Increases productivity of employees by creating comfortable working conditions


Allows you to increase the efficiency of energy use and energy saving


It brings the facility in line with international safety standards.


The system will immediately notify the personnel of the facility and the emergency unit if there is an emergency situation


Provides safe operation and emergency prevention

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