Строительство и монтаж блочно-модульных котельных под ключ – Миг-Плюс

Construction of block and modular boiler houses

The Mig-Plus company is engaged in the professional construction of modular boiler houses. Installations of such a plan are intended to provide heating and hot water supply to both industrial and social facilities. We are building block-modular boiler houses (BMK) in Moscow, the Moscow region and other regions of the Central Federal District.

Block-modular boiler room is mounted from ready-made blocks of factory-made block-modules. Boilers of this type are mounted faster and have high mobility. We offer BMK operating on various types of fuel (solid, liquid, gas). The compactness of this type of boiler houses allows them to be installed on roofs, built into existing structures or mounted as a separate structure, ready for operation.

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Read more in Sergei Kirillin's article in the magazine "Technologies of Intellectual Construction."
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Advantages of the block-modular boiler room

Ready for operation. We supply turnkey solutions that can be put into operation immediately after deployment and commissioning.
Reducing the cost of energy. The modular boiler room can be placed as close as possible to the serviced object, thereby saving on the construction of an extended heating network. In addition, the colossal costs of building a separate capital building under the boiler room are excluded
Mobility and versatility. Once installed, a modular boiler room can be easily and quickly dismantled, after which it can be transported and installed in another place.
Automated work. We carry out installation of modular boiler rooms, equipped with the latest technology. Inside, modern equipment and numerous means of automation and security control are installed. Also, boiler rooms are equipped with dispatching tools, so that in case of emergency situations there is an opportunity to quickly eliminate them.
Prompt manufacturing. You do not have to wait long while we manufacture a modular boiler room. Depending on the ongoing project, the construction of the BMC takes from 30 to 90 days.

Services "Mig-plus"

We carry out full cycle of works on designing, construction and maintenance of not only gas, but other types of boilers. We have a team of 50 specialists and experience in power since 1997. At the conclusion of the agreement for continued maintenance, warranty equipment for a period of 5 years.

1 year warranty or 5 years

Warranty on boiler is one year. If something breaks, need to be fixed or replaced. At the conclusion of the maintenance contract warranty is five years.

Why choose us

Full cycle
We carry out a full cycle of construction and installation work on our own.
Qualified employees
The company has more than 50 qualified employees. Passed training abroad and in Russia. Work experience of each engineer for at least 10 years.
Self regulating organization (SRO)
Availability of the necessary SRO approvals for design, construction, installation and commissioning.
Turnkey works
We carry out turnkey projects: from the development of technical specifications to the after-sales service of the already constructed boiler house. You get all the work from one source.
Work quickly
The accelerated construction time of boiler houses through the use of blocks of our own design - installation of BMK from 14 days.
Work all over the country
We supply boiler houses throughout the country (or provide you with heat, in any corner of our country). Assembly takes place on our own production base, then delivery to any regions of Russia.
Powerful resources
The company's resources allow the installation of several boiler houses in parallel

The cost of a modular boiler-houses

Capacity MW The price of the boiler house with 2 boilers The price of the boiler house with 3 boilers
0,50 from 5 466 090 ₽ 0 ₽
1,00 from 6 299 570 ₽ from 7 874460 ₽
1,50 from 7 559 480 ₽ from 9 449 350 ₽
2,00 from 8 060 000 ₽ from 10 075 000 ₽
2,50 from 9 672 000 ₽ from 12 090 000 ₽
3,00 from 11 513 910 ₽ from 14 392 390 ₽
3,50 from 13 816 700 ₽ from 17 270 870 ₽
4,00 from 14 790 000 ₽ from 18 487 500 ₽
4,50 from 17 748 000 ₽ from 22 185 000 ₽
5,00 from 18 118 700 ₽ from 22 648 370 ₽
5,50 from 20 383 530 ₽ from 25 479 420 ₽
6,00 from 21 345 220 ₽ from 26 681 520 ₽

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