Строительство котельных под ключ в Москве и области – Миг-Плюс

The construction of boilers

Company MiG-Plus offers the design, installation and construction of boilers. Our organization started its operation in 1997. We work in Moscow, Moscow region and other regions of Russia.

We carry out the work "turnkey" – from the receipt of technical conditions and design to commissioning and service.
We have built more than 200 gas boiler, and more than 150 are on the service over the years of our work.

Строительство котельных компанией Миг-Плюс

Our advantages

  • At the moment, we are constantly servicing more than 150 companies.
  • We carry out installation of boiler rooms in Moscow, the Moscow region and other nearby areas
  • The ability to supply modules throughout Russia
  • We carry out a full cycle of construction work with subsequent maintenance of boiler rooms
  • Production of constructions of modular boiler houses of our own design
  • The company has 52 highly qualified employees who are professionals in their fields
  • We have been working in the field of heat energy since 1997

Types of boilers

We design, build and service industrial boilers of various types. Specialists MiG-Plus will select the most optimal solution for district heating system, based on existing conditions and required specifications. Typically, boiler houses are classified by type of fuel, by the method of placement and by the type of boilers.

The construction of gas boiler houses is most in demand on the market due to the high efficiency and environmental friendliness of this type of fuel. The only drawback is the need to obtain a large number of permits and approvals from various supervisory authorities.

As part of the turnkey construction, these works are also carried out by our specialists.

We carry out the construction and installation of stationary, as well as modular and block-modular boiler rooms. The latter are more popular due to their greater mobility, applicability in various conditions and high installation speed (from 14 days). Stationary boiler rooms are used when high power is required (> 10 MW) or in cases where the use of modular boiler rooms is not possible for any reason.

Классификация котельных по типу топлива (газовые, дизельные, твердотопливные)
By type of fuel
  • Gas
  • Liquid fuel
  • Solid fuel
  • Electricity
  • Combo type
Классификация котельных по типу размещения (стационарные, блочно-модульные, модульные)
By way of placing
Классфикация котельных по типу теплоносителя (паровые, водогрейные, комбинированные)
By type of coolant
  • Steam
  • Hot water
  • Combined
  • Diathermic oil

Mig Plus LLC is a specialized organization for the design, installation and servicing of boiler houses, LHG tanks.

The company has a modern production base and modern equipment, which allows installation work by industrial methods in a short time by its own qualified personnel.

on the
52 52 employees
150 objects
to the
200 mounted

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Provide a full cycle of works
 on construction of boiler

It is important to note that we carry out the entire cycle of work on our own and are solely responsible to the customer for the implementation of the project in accordance with the established agreements.

This principle of work eliminates various overlays that inevitably arise when several companies are simultaneously working on a project that are responsible for certain types of work.

We take the burden of responsibility on ourselves and independently carry out all the stages, including those related to the preparation of executive documentation and obtaining appropriate permits from regulatory organizations. In the future, we take the boiler room for maintenance and operation.

The stages of construction

  • Development of a feasibility study and terms of reference;
  • Obtaining technical specifications and the necessary initial permit documentation;
  • Design work;
  • Complete set and delivery of boiler equipment, auxiliary components and units;
  • Construction work and installation of the boiler house;
  • Obtaining operating set of technical documents;
  • Performing start-up and commissioning work, performance testing;
  • Commissioning a gas boiler house;
  • Boiler room maintenance;
  • Operation of the boiler house.
The cost
The final cost of the boiler depends on many factors (type of fuel and coolant, the equipment of manufacturers, the location of the object). Details of the cost of the boiler, with the power presented in the section "Price list".  To obtain a calculation based on your parameters – contact by phone or leave a request in the appropriate section.
Type of work The cost
Boiler house design From 50 000 rubles
Maintenance From 23 000 rubles
Gas boiler turnkey (0.5 MW) From 5 466 000 rubles
Gas boiler turnkey (1 MW) From 7 299 570 rubles
Gas boiler turnkey (3 MW) From 8 950 480 rubles
Gas boiler turnkey (4 MW) From 18 118 700 rubles

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In the period from 1997 to the present, the following facilities have been implemented, which can be viewed in our gallery and on the map.


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